Study Confirms Contamination of Camp Lejeune Drinking Water

by Woods and Woods, LLP Injury Lawyers

June 20, 2013

A new study confirms that the water supply at Camp Lejeune, a United States Marine Corps base in North Carolina, is contaminated with carcinogens linked to numerous diseases that have been developed by soldiers and their families. Experts say the findings show the water may suffer from the highest levels of toxic contamination in the country.

Testing shows the water may have been contaminated with carcinogens as far back as the late 1940’s and continues to have unsafe levels of contaminants today. Those contaminants have been determined to cause diseases such as cancer, birth defects, and leukemia.

An article from the Salem News stated that recent testing confirmed the water still contains contaminant levels that are as much as 150 times higher than what is deemed safe to consume.

These findings leave many Marines and their families wondering what they can do if they have been harmed by the Camp Lejeune Drinking Water Contamination.

The Veterans’ Disability Attorneys with Woods and Woods Injury Lawyers believe soldiers experiencing adverse health events after drinking water at the facility may be entitled to compensation for their losses. The firm urges anyone who has been harmed by the water at Camp Lejeune, or any other military installation, to discuss their legal rights with an attorney immediately.